Power Forward’s Roundup (April 30, 2013)

On sexism in sports, the last acceptable prejudice (SB Nation):

The toughest part to stomach is that I could have written this article literally dozens of times over the past few years. It’s not just Keith or Chicago sports radio; it’s those who choose to demean women through “mansplaining.” It’s DeMarcus Cousins, who was ejected from a game for telling a referee to stop, “acting like a f—ing female.” It’s for all of the times I’ve been told to step away from the keyboard and get back in the kitchen. While it might read a bit differently based on the offense, there’s just one basic question that needs to be answered: Why do some think it is okay to judge a sports reporter, an athlete, or a fan based on their appearance and gender when we’ve almost universally decided that all other forms of prejudice, like those of race and religion, won’t be tolerated?

Seles poses with the trophy, holding it up by her face. She is looking right at the camera, her hair is up in a scrunchy on the top of her head. We only see her from the shoulders up.

Monica Seles after winning the French Open just years before the stabbing.

It was twenty years ago today that Monica Seles was stabbed on the tennis court:

Everything you’d want to read about Jason Collins:

Do we have a sign of who will be winning the French Open next month?

Omaha Beef, an indoor football team in Nebraska, has my heart (SB Nation)

The Omaha Beef would like to add a recently ousted New York Jets quarterback to the roster, cementing their status as “Omaha’s premier indoor football team.” They even are willing to pay Tim Tebow $75 per game to make the jump

Seeing as he isn’t a very good quarterback, yeah. The Jets Were Right to Cut Tim Tebow (The Atlantic)

Shut up, Don Cherry: Don Cherry Thinks Women Don’t Belong In Male Locker Rooms (Deadspin)

Shut up, Chris Broussard: ESPN Writer Quick to Say Gay NBA Player Is in ‘Rebellion’ Against God (Gawker)

Shut up, Claire Crawford: Sports blogger calls NBA cheerleader “too chunky” (ABC News via KVUE)

Stop punching referees!

[video via Mashable]