Power Forward’s Roundup (April 22, 2013)

Absolutely DISGUSTING news: Steubenville Football Coach Gets Contract Extension After Involvement In Rape Scandal

Elena Della Donne blogs about being drafted into the WNBA: A little girl’s dreams realized

“Fucking” is fine. Nipples not. Got it. FCC Chairman Is On Board With David Ortiz’s F-Bomb

Holy moly. This is both cool and kinda creepy. Watch A Drone Visit College Football To Give Coaches Better Perspective

Woot!: “It was the [Portland] Thorns’ inaugural home game with the National Women’s Soccer League, and the attendance topped any single-game crowd in the three-year run of the NWSL’s predecessor, Women’s Professional Soccer, which existed from 2009 to 2011.”

A screen shot from video of the Bethlehem Marathon. The runners are passing by a huge concrete wall that has barbed wire at top. It is raining. You can see a police officer in a bright yellow vest.

The Bethlehem Marathon

Palestinians hold first Bethlehem marathon (The Independent)

Palestinians and their supporters are running the West Bank’s first marathon.

Itidal Abdul-Ghani of the Palestinian Olympic Committee says some 1,000 people are participating in Sunday’s race, which includes shorter 10-kilometer and 20-kilometer options. […]

Abdul-Ghani says that because of Israel’s separation barrier surrounding parts of [Bethlehem], and its control over nearby land, there’s not enough space to do a straight 42-kilometer (26 mile) run.

This man is infamous for being a repeat sexual predator. So, this headline? Ben Roethlisberger: I like being the hunter

As an avid tennis watcher, I say “thank you”: Wimbledon cover-up as All England Club prepares to build second roof on Court No 1 (Telegraph)

A good guy says goodbye to the NFL: Saints asked Scott Fujita to retire as a member of the team

Oh, Mo! Mo Farah Oversleeps and Nearly Misses Start of the London Marathon

High five, old lady! Old Lady Goes To Ballgame, Catches Foul Ball While Ignoring Ballgame

THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!

Two wheelchair marathoners (one in yellow on left, one in blue on right) and to the right of them, Tiki Gelana. She is being hit by the guy in blue. There is a barrier on the left. Ahead are people watching, some taking picture. The barrier has her water on it and that is what she was going for.

Josh Cassidy colliding with Olympic champion Tiki Gelana

London Marathon wheelchair crash leaves athletes raging at organisers:

Athletes attacked the London Marathon race organisers after a dangerous clash occurred between the men’s wheelchair racers and the elite women’s field at a drinks station around the 15km mark. The Olympic champion, Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia, was effectively taken out of the race as she ran to grab a drink, seemingly unaware that the men’s racers were coming through.

Despite an arrangement that organisers say has stood for years, Gelana seemed oblivious as she ran across the path of the racers going at 20mph, and into Josh Cassidy whose chair careered into the side of the drinks table, the Canadian slamming the table in anger and frustration.

Tomas Berdych: Current anti-doping measures in tennis a disaster

Here’s Shaq running around in his underwear on TNT’s set: