Dudebro Sports Media

Jason Day hugs Ellie Harvey as they walk across the green grass of a golf course. She is wearing a black dress and carrying a white purse, he is in a blue golf shirt, white pants, and white cap. There are crowds around them.

Jason Day hugging Ellie Harvey

It sounds like this…

2013’s biggest sporting events have given us the likes of Katherine Webb—girlfriend of BCS champion QB A.J. McCarron—and Amanda Marcum Enfield—wife of former Florida Gulf Coast head coach Andy Enfield.

Add Ellie Harvey—also known as Ellie Day, wife of 2013 Masters contender Jason Day—to the list of 2013’s most attractive sports stars’ female counterparts.

With her husband just a stroke off the pace in the early going of the final round Sunday at Augusta, the focus has shifted to the Australian golfer’s wife, and she threatens to steal the bright spotlight of The Masters in the process.

And in your report you include other dudebro sports reporter’s tweets that sexualize an athlete’s female partner:

And then you conclude your post with this:

Lucky for fans, his wife is also there cheering him on, threatening to become the latest woman we highlight in sporting-wife lists for the foreseeable future.

Yes, lucky for fans.

Wait. Which fans? The ones who like to ogle women as sport?

Also, “threatening”? Like she shows up just so you dudebro sports reporters will be forced to put her on a list that only exists so you can scroll through and get some kind of voyeuristic sexual satisfaction out of it? That’s quite the inflated ego you have, sir.

This makes me doubt if there was a “revolution” at the Masters when it comes to who gets objectified and how much of an impact that has on culture at large. While there may have some temporary fervor over Masters’ winner Adam Scott’s looks, I doubt he’s going to be appearing regularly on “the hottest _____” lists.

Ethan Grant, a featured columnist at CNN-owned Bleacher Report, has promised us that Ellie Harvey will most definitely show up one, though. You know, for the benefit of the “fans.”