Power Forward’s Roundup (April 18, 2013)

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Boston Marathon: The man in the iconic wheelchair picture who lost his legs might have helped the FBI figure out what the bombers looked like. (Bloomberg)

History: Video of Jackie Robinson Playing Football for UCLA Will Brighten Your Day (Bleacher Report)

Pay close attention to No. 28 on the field. He is the old-school maestro who gets the ball in the backfield to start the video. Like a lithe Marshawn Lynch, he just won’t go down.

The best part of the short but captivating archive footage has to be Robinson playing savior at the 39-second mark. With USC about a yard away from getting the game’s only touchdown, Robinson lays down a devastating hit to blast the football loose.

The man could run, and he could most certainly hit, in just about any sport.


Close up of Irmer's head. She is looking directly at camer and smiling. Her hair is down.

Perri Irmer


The former head of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority filed a lawsuit Monday against White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and former Illinois Gov. Jim Thompson, claiming they conspired to fire her two years ago to stop her reforms at the public agency. Perri Irmer, the agency’s former executive director, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Chicago. It claims Reinsdorf and Thompson “sought to silence Perri Irmer and to stifle her efforts to protectIllinois taxpayers from Reinsdorf’s greed.”

Ending Discrimination:

Brittney Griner:

Anne Williams in on the right side of the image. It appears that there is a coffee table with papers on it behind her on the left side. She is looking directly at camera, her right hand up by her face. Her hair is down and she is not smiling.

Anne Williams

RIP: Liverpool to honour Anne Williams, tireless Hillsborough campaigner, who has died aged 60 (Telegraph)

War and Sports Shape Better Artificial Limbs (New York Times)

More than 1,600 American service members lost limbs in Iraq or Afghanistan, mainly to homemade bombs not unlike the ones that maimed scores of people in Boston on Monday. Now, the vast body of knowledge gained from treating those troops is likely to help speed and improve the recovery of people whose limbs were amputated after Monday’s attack, experts say.

Ugh: Rutgers University has reached a $475,000 settlement agreement with Mike Rice, agreeing to pay the fired men’s basketball coach for the remaining two years of his contract (ESPN)

A bad day at practice: Dozens of fans of the Argentine football club Huracan stormed the club’s changing rooms after a training session and assaulted some players. (BBC News)

Alllllllll righty, then:

Take off your hat and get our your kleenex: the crowd at the Boston Bruins‘ game sing the hell out of the US National Anthem: