Boston Marathon: The Winners

Rita is running in a yellow shirt, black adidas shorts. We can see from her knee up. She is midstride. She looks tired. Behind her are barriers with spectators on the other side watching.

Rita Jeptoo, from the 2007 Boston Marathon. Image via wikicommons.

Today there are 23,000 runners out pounding the pavement, tackling the granddaddy of USA marathons: The Boston Marathon. The elite runners have already finished the race (which began for the elite women at 9:30AM EDT and the men at 10:00AM EDT).

The woman who won, Rita Jeptoo, is from Kenya. She finished in 2:26:25.

The man who won, Lelisa Desisa, is from Ethiopia. He finished in 2:10:22.

Any interesting a point about these two winners:

Jeptoo is 32. Desisa is 23. 

Interesting inversion there.

For more information on today’s race, check on the Boston Marathon’s twitter handle — @BostonMarathon — and the marathon’s website.

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