Taylor Townsend (OR, Serena Williams Is Not a Costume, part 3)

Whom on the tennis circuit does Taylor Townsend most resemble, would you say?

Townsend, a young black lady, is wearing a hot pink tennis outfit, white visor, and is hitting the ball with her racquet.

Here’s her story.

She rocketed into the national news in September when she got into a fight with the US Tennis Association over, you guessed it, her weight and level of fitness. Sound familiar? Someone who came to her defense? Serena Williams.

At the exact same time that news was breaking about Wozniacki’s impression this weekend, two stories came down the pipes about Townsend.

First, it was announced that she “became the first American girl in 30 years to finish No. 1 in the year-end world junior rankings.” The first US girl in THREE DECADES. She seems fit to me.

Second, this:

During Townsend’s doubles final in which she and partner Gabrielle Faith downed the Mexican tandem of Marcela Zacarias and Victoria Rodriguez, 6-4, 7-5 to wrap up her junior career with her sixth doubles title of the year, a rude fan loudly heckled the stocky teen about her weight.

I guess you could say that Wozniacki (or Roddick or Djokovic) poking fun at Serena’s body type is all in good humor and there is no wider context here. You would be wrong.

Townsend is 16. She turns pro next year.

(We are to part 3 at this point but I’m sure I’ve got more. Part 1. Part 2.)