The dominance of US women at the London 2012 Olympics

Carmelita Jeter, holding the baton in her left hand, crosses the finish line after completing the 4 by 100M relay. Her arms are spread, her abs, which are flexed, are on full display. She has a giant smile on her face, her mouth wide open as she sees the screen that displays her team's time.

Perhaps my most favorite image from the London Olympics, certainly the best finish line photo. Carmelita Jeter, reacting to the US women’s 4x100M relay team not only winning a gold medal but setting the world record.

My sister compiled the following stats:

Gold Medals – 17 to the men/ 29 to the women… (Britain scored 29 medals in total between their men and women)

Silver Medals – 15 to the men/ 14 to the women

Bronze – 13 to the men/ 15 to the women/ 1 Mixed (Tennis mixed doubles)

Total Medal Count – 45 to the men/ 58 to the women/ 1 Mixed (Tennis mixed doubles)

Events where ONLY our men medaled – Archery

Events where ONLY our women medaled – Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Cycling (Mountain Bike), Cycling (Road), Cycling (Track), Football (Soccer), Fencing, Judo, Volleyball, and Water Polo.

Maybe our women are more than just pretty faces!!

They definitely are!

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