Quote of the OH SNAP!

From ESPN.

Sloane Stephens is sitting at a table, there is a microphone sitting in front of her. She is wearing a bright yellow headband and black shirt with bright neon letters on it. Because her left elbow is on the table and her left hand is under her chin, you cannot read her shirt. Her other arm is in front of her body, resting on the table. She appears to be listening to a reporter.

Sloane Stephens (image is not from Wimbledon)

This quote is in response to French men’s tennis player, Gilles Simon, idea barfing about how women’s tennis is boring and no one likes it and so women tennis players don’t deserve to win equal prize money at grand slam events (Wimbledon started on Monday):

One female player asked about Simon’s comments, 19-year-old American Sloane Stephens, said: “I don’t care what he says about anything. He hit me with a ball the first time I was a ball kid. He hit me in the chest, because he lost a point and lost the set. He turned around and slammed the ball with his racket and hit me … and I’ve never spoken to him since then.”

I’ll paraphrase: “Simon is an asshole? You don’t say.”